vsz.app – a multiplatform Xamarin app!

vsz.app – a community app for Trade Union of Hungarian Railwaymen

vsz.app was dreamed by head of the union in 2013. After the detailed specification period we decided to develop it with Xamarin to gain the success to be visible on all three platforms – coding in lovely c#.

Technical and functional features:

  • Three major platform: WP (7+), A (2.3.3+), iOS (7+)
  • WCF service interprocess communication
  • Authentication service based on official membership status
  • Location API – location based usage data poll
  • PUSH Notification –
  • Premium help support for members – administrators answers 7/24
  • Responsive ASP.NET MVC administration site
  • MSSQL database engine with Entity Framework data access layer in admin site
  • News, NewsCategory, HelpCategory administration through MVC admin site
  • Automailing system based on SendGrid solution